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Discover the Benefits of Organic Garlic Granules


There are several benefits of organic garlic granules for your health. Come to know more about the food and learn easy ways to prepare it!

It is part of many people's daily menus, but do you know what garlic's health benefits are? In fact, food has been used for years to add flavor to culinary recipes and its medicinal properties.

Next, check out the main benefits and delicious ways to insert the garlic granules in your food!

What are the Health Benefits of Garlic?

The benefits of garlic are a consequence of the presence of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. After all, these substances are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

One of the main ones is known as allicin, a component responsible for that strong and very characteristic smell of garlic. However, food is still a source of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and fiber.

Because of this, regular consumption of garlic is related to improved immunity and less risk of developing inflammatory diseases, as we will explain below.

Minimizes Cold and Flu Symptoms:

One of the most important benefits of garlic granules is in terms of strengthening the body's defenses. Therefore, it is very common to use it to prevent or minimize colds and flu symptoms.

In fact, even if you don't consume it every day, having a cup of tea made with garlic, lemon and honey can speed up the cold or flu cure process and make you feel better faster.

Anti-Cancer Components:

Garlic granules have sulfur compounds that would have the ability to fight cancer growth and decrease the chances of the disease appearing in the body.

Several studies point to an association between increased garlic intake and reduced risk of cancer of the stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas, and breast.

Despite this, keep in mind that even with garlic's benefits, it is not a medicine or should be used to replace any type of medical treatment.

Promote Heart Health:

Eating garlic is also a habit that benefits the heart system. Certain substances present in it work as a protective agent for the heart, as they are anti-inflammatory.

Consequently, this prevents the appearance of diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and hypertension. There is also the possibility that garlic can help lower cholesterol levels in the body and reduce blood pressure.

Helps Prevent Hair Loss:

Finally, one of the most curious benefits of garlic is for beauty. Some studies show it has substances that can prevent or even reduce hair loss.

In many countries, especially those located in the Middle East, this food property is already popular. However, how to use it? Just insert moderately in the food or apply an infusion of garlic to the hair before washing.

Mouth-Watering Garlic Recipes:

  •   Garlic Paste:


This is one of the recipes that most preserves the benefits of garlic. In a blender, place 500 grams of garlic and the juice of 1 squeezed lemon. Beat until a very thick dough form. From it, you can make garlic paste any way you want.

For example, a very tasty mixture can be made with 200 grams of Traditional Fugini Mayonnaise and two tablespoons of garlic beaten with lemon. To season, add salt, pepper, and oregano. It is sensational!

  •   Garlic Mayonnaise with Vegetables:

How about a garlic mayonnaise with vegetables that is very practical and easy to make? To do this, mix a sachet of Fugini Vegetable Select with 200 grams of Fugini Garlic Mayonnaise.

After adding all the ingredients, add 2 squeezed raw garlic cloves and 1 small bunch of chopped parsley. If you want, add ground pepper.

  •   Salad with Garlic Dressing:

Or a practical recipe to enjoy the benefits of garlic is garlic sauce. It is a very quick recipe to prepare and looks great with salads or even as an accompaniment to the barbecue.

In a blender or processor, place 100 grams of garlic, parsley, chives, salt, 1 drizzle of olive oil, ½ squeezed lemon juice, and 200 grams mayonnaise. Beat the ingredients very well.

You can add the dressing to a green leafy salad or Crunchy Chickpeas Fugini with carrot, in addition to being great with meat, chicken, or barbecue sausage. Spicy Organic carries the best organic garlic powder or granules. They have the best organic spices and herbs available online, sourced these ingredients from certified organic growers around the world.


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